October 21, 2009
Yesterday I started doing a little more work on the revamp of "The LookBook", the older version is still up, but it's kind of just half done because I kept changing my mind on the design... you can see it here

So...the first celebrity style gallery I am working on is Alexa Chung! I was cropping and editing photos last night...then our entire neighborhood lost power. BUMMER. Because I didn't get to save much. ARG. Anyhow, here are just a few Alexa Chung photos for some style inspiration.

BTW, is anyone else a fan of her show on MTV "It's On With Alexa Chung"? I recently (as in 2 days ago) started watching it now that we have TiVo and the first show I watch the guest was Gerard Butler... who hit on her. *hehe*

Working on the LOOKBOOK some more this morning, printing postage labels, biking to the post office...busy day.


  1. oh i love her style! especially the 2nd pic, with a red mini dress!


  2. She has amazing style. Look forward to seeing the new LookBook! :)

  3. I love the bag in the last shot.
    She has such a pretty face. I think she could make anything look good.

  4. I love Alexa's style, and she's just lovely!

  5. Alexa is so pretty she is also good in modeling.

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