December 5, 2009
I recently found Modish Biz Tips and decided to jump on the bandwagon for posting "monthly business goals." I'm a bit bummed the monthly meetups are now coming to a close right when I found a new network of like minded business gals. In any case, this will help me keep a little more focused as December is the busiest month out of the entire year (personal and work life)

December Business Goals
1.) Purchase new garment steamer
2.) List at least 30 new items in the shop before the Xmas break
3.) Contact models and mua for an upcoming photoshoot
4.) Organize "accessories" section in the shop


Well, that seems quite good for now. I do have more things I need to get done, but I really don't want my "Goals" list to become a "To-Do" list because when it comes to those, they are never ending for me. *hehe*

If you run an online business, what are some of your goals this month?