December 10, 2009
One of the best ways to learn more about vintage clothing is to study vintage sewing patterns. The illustrations on the front really give a feel for what women wore day to day. I usually look at vintage patterns to determine the age of a garment, very helpful when it comes to dating vintage blouses and skirts as sometimes they're a little harder to date than dresses. Anyhow, without further ado... a few vintage blouse patterns from the 50s for you to enjoy!

How many different types of collars can you spot? Do you notice how tailored and streamlined the blouses were in the 1950s? It seems they were always worn tucked into a skirt (with a banded waist or worn with a belt). The sleeves are never fussy and loose, cuffs seemed to always be present (no elastic!). I am swooning over the white Vintage Vogue blouse with the horizontal tucks, I would wear it in a heartbeat!


  1. Thanks for this!! its a good inspiration ^^ i love the second pattern

  2. Wow! Thank you!! Your posts are always so informative and thoughtful and well written. You should write a vintage guidebook!

    xo Jenny

  3. this is a great inspiration, i like such vintage outfits very much... and i also love the great hairstyles they had in the 1950s

    greetings Samantha

  4. so lovely! wonder if the woman back then felt frustrated with clothing so over shopping in mainstream type shops - everyone looks the same!

  5. Fantastic work! Thanks for posting.

    Maria[seersucker suit]


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