December 7, 2009
As a child I really loved going through my mom's McCalls magazine because sometimes in the back they would feature the "Betsy McCall" paper doll. I fully regret never ripping these out and saving them as when my parents moved overseas, all of those magazines were recycled. *sigh*

But joy of all joys, this morning I discovered a website where you can PRINT the vintage 1950s Betsy McCalls for FREE! HOORAY! Check it out here: Betsy McCall - The First Ten Years

***Don't forget to put thicker paper or thin cardboard behind the pages before cutting them out!

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  1. These are so cute. I love paper dolls. As a young girl I used to make my own paper dolls. My sister and I would have so much fun designing the clothes. That's when I wanted to be a fashion designer. Take care!:)


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