February 22, 2010

I have always loved vintage metal frame beds, when I was younger I dreamed of having a vintage metal bed (with a Victorian feel) or a white canopy bed with lavender ruffled sheets. But instead, I had this ugly clunky brown oak bed that had removable railings (horrid). My younger sister on the other hand got a white metal day bed with a romantic scroll head board and little floral painted details AND a canopy (bed envy...) I've already made a promise to myself that if I have a little girl and she wants a princess bed, she will most definitely get one! (Although if she asks for a sensible "will-last-you-a-lifetime" clunky bed, I have to draw the line!)

Sources: Interior design by Stuart Mcintyre as discovered by Desire to Inspire


  1. oh, how inviting! I like the little pops of blue, as well.

  2. yes, I LOVE this floor!!!

  3. I love this bed.....very cozy.
    Great for a guest room. Molly

  4. Let me say something general, your blog is DEVINE!

  5. The white&blue floors are just so adorable! I love love love that room

    mademoiselle isabelle

  6. When can I move in? Adorable!


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