March 30, 2010
This mostly pertains to my most recent post (just below) about the measurements of many celebrities of yesteryear.

My closest measurement/height double is Vivien Leigh, but trust me I'm still quite a few inches off here and there. (She's slightly taller with a 23" waist) I tried to do some research on how women had such small waists (exact exercises) and I could not find much information. However, one lovely reader { Principita de Porcelana } was kind enough to point out that many women back then were used to being corseted as were their mothers and their grandmothers so their waists were "better formed" so to speak.

So (please hold the laughter because I'm a little embarrassed to admit this) I went and bought one of those elastic waist bands. My mother swears by them and she's nearly 49 with a 25" waist. So, it must be working, right?

Is it comfortable? Not really. But it's not terrible. In fact it was all right before I had dinner. I've noticed how straight I've been sitting all day though. So I'm trimming my waist and improving my posture. 2 in 1, hooray!


  1. Hah! I agree that might be the reason why they were so tiny. Being on the bigger side, my aunts & grandmas have tried to make me wear a corset before, but I couldn't stand it long it was sooo uncomfortable!

  2. This is so interesting, I may have to try it. Where do you snag your corset from?

  3. lol! (not at you, with you) I actually have a pretty small waist for my size and would love those kind of waists. I think the only woman these days that actually looks curvy like old times and has a small waist is the lovely Dita Von Teese. I agree though, because woman beck then wore corsets - their waists shaped differently.

  4. You might try Hula Hoop too! My Mom used to play A LOT and her waist is so tiny. Mine is naturally small too, although I have some pounds to lose before showing it.

    And yeah, corsets are #1 cause that 50's girls' waist were so tiny. I'd love to wear one, no idea where to find it though.

  5. Ahahaha I'm proud I kind of helped in any way. Yes, soes are uncomfortable at first, but I must say it: you get used to it. Like when you are little and try to stand in your 12 cm high stilettos -well, here we talk about cm, not inches- corsettes are jsut the same. I actually learnt this because I'm a tailor, and one day someone asked me to do russian corsetry. Have to say, it's hard. But I found the way to learn it, and also learnt victorian corsetry in the way. I was madly in love with the body one could achive with one of those. Of course, sometimes it's not so pretty, if you go too far. BUT: you get a smaller waist, your posture is SO MUCH BETTER!, and also, although some people say it gives you back troubles or neck troubles, that is a total Lie with capital L -I mean, when you have really bad problems with that, what do doctors recomend? philadelphia necks and corsettes-.
    For now, you won't be so used to eat with it on, but I see friends, ones I've made the corsettes myself for them, and they're totally fine with it. They just are responsable not to go too far so they don't hurt. But I assume everyone does.

    Hope it works for you!

  6. Hmm, where did you get your elastic corset thingy? I want one! :) xo

  7. I want one, too! (horrible posture all day at the computer.) Where did you get yours and who makes it?

    And Zohar, this needs to be said so neither you nor any other girls out there are comparing themselves - Dita Von Teese (who I love) has had breast implants, it's not her natural figure. She's open about the surgery.


  8. It was funny to read this, as I am on a similar quest for a 24 inch waist (I originally said 21 inch but I have since lowered my expectations!). I also own a waist cincher, for a photo, see
    I bought mine a few years ago on ebay - there were lots of them at the time, selling from Singapore. Not expensive, I think about $40.
    Good luck with your quest.
    By the way, Pilates is a great way to get a small waist!
    Maria, Vintage Suburbia x

  9. Can you share where you got this elastic waist thingy pls? I am dying to know I googled soes but did not get anything relevant.


  10. I like your wedding suit what from movie is this?


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