March 16, 2010

I will be very quick and to the point with this book.

If you ALREADY SELL vintage clothing online and have been selling for about a year or more, or even for a few months, then this book is a waste of money. Move on.

I have been selling vintage for a few years now and I thought this book would be full of expert knowledge about running an online business store.

It isn't.

HOWEVER, if you JUST started selling vintage clothing online or want to start selling, then by all means this book will be most helpful! If you have never listed anything on Ebay, don't own a digital camera, and have very little knowledge of vintage clothing itself, then this book will be a God send.

I sort of wish I had this book back when I started selling vintage. Back then, very few people were selling vintage on Ebay and Etsy didn't even exist. So, everything I've learned has been through trial and error and extensive research on my part.

The book is divided into 6 sections all lightly touching up on different aspects of selling vintage clothing but mostly focusing on Auction sites (Ebay). There are tips on how to photograph vintage clothes (not on wire hangers!), how to ship off your packages (don't just throw it in a bag!), and also a "Supply List" of things you will need for running a vintage business.

That all sounds wonderful and dandy and one of the reasons I was so excited for this book. But then when I read the actual advice, I was sorely disappointed.

As a "must have" for running an online vintage store you must have a good digital camera... hmmm...kind of a no brainer, don't you think? Another must have is a garment rack, a place to put your clothes. Again... obvious.

The book is very text heavy with the rare black and white photo of something vintage related. It is very easy to read however and it is well organized. So points for that. The books also highlights on different styles of vintage clothing, such as types of skirts, coats, and costume jewelry. But each subject has about a paragraph worth of information.

Bottom line, if you are just starting out, this book will be of great service to you as it will let you get your feet wet. If however you've already learned a few tricks and tips (perhaps from reading my blog *hehe*) then this book won't teach you anything you don't already know.

You can purchase the book on Amazon. *Note* There are 8 other reviews for this book which are all 5 STAR. Their opinion obviously differs from mine, but do realize I reviewed this book as someone who has been selling and running a successful vintage store for years.

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  1. A good review, I agree that it provides some useful information mixed with some common sense. For the price though I think it is well worth a read.


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