April 30, 2010
I am so in love, absolutely head over heels with this ultra feminine bathroom! I am definitely taking a cue for my own rather chintzy 1920s bathroom. I love that this has a lot of va-va-voom but all the lines are very clean, very simple. That is a great mix. Start off with clean simple lines and add the high glamour with vintage bottles, crystal chandeliers, and anything floral and sparkly.
Image credit: 1st Option


  1. Oh, la,la, C'est manifique!

  2. you are so right! i complete disagree when people say its a bit much to put chandeliers in the bathroom, because some crystal presence can never go be wrong. Just choose a smaller version, & it'll make the room much more glamorous. i absolutely love this image :)

    Have a beautiful week ahead of you darling!

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  4. this bathroom is so adorable!!!!!

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  6. WonderfuL! I like your interior design I wish that my room is like yours.

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