May 6, 2010
What could be more sweet, more romantic, than that of a rose? In honor of the upcoming holiday (Mother's Day...) I am posting images with roses as the central theme. So why roses? Why not peonies or lilies? Well... roses are my mother's favorite flowers, it was my grandmother's middle name (Rita Rose), and roses are my birth month flowers (I'm a Mom myself). So, hoorah for roses! ^_^

Image Credits:
1.} Rose Couture, 2.} Tulle & Roses, 3.} Emily Blunt in Paris, 4.} Still life of a rose, 5.} Dark Roses, 6.} Rose Petals Fade, 7.} Rose Tea, 8.} Your life it seems extravagant, 9.} The Rose Path, 10.} My darling Rose


  1. amazingly beautiful images :) thanks for sharing

  2. Wow!!! These images are amazing!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing them.
    Have a lovely day : )

  3. Lovely !!!
    Great images.

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    Have a great weekend.


  4. Gorgeous Collection of pictures, Thank you, and Happy Mother's Day to you!

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  6. Gorgeous images specially no.. fifth first time came across with such a imaculate form of image..thanx 4sharing this one...
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