May 10, 2010
Every lady deserves pretty little things for her boudoir. Naomi Lingerie is based out of Japan and all of the undergarments are handmade. I especially love the super cute "kitty" sleep masks. You can view her { vintage lingerie collection } to see where some of her design inspirations come from.

"There are certainly not so many men
of large fortune in the world,
as there are pretty women
to deserve them."
- Jane Austen

Where to purchase: Naomi Lingerie (etsy). All images are from the lovely Naomi Lingerie. (She also does custom work!)


  1. oh wow those ARE wonderful!

  2. Tres adorable!! So pretty & feminine.

  3. hi:
    im a customer from ur store,my email is,i sent many mails to you,but no reply,i bought a necklace,i wanna know whether you ship the item!!!even if u are so busy,i think you should reple me !!!my order is Order #1773

  4. Hi honey. Don't worry, it takes me a few days to package and ship out orders ^_^ It will be shipping out on Thursday when my post lady picks up my packages.

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