May 25, 2010

HARD to Imperial Delta Flash Camera STILL in the BOX...Perfect for that camera collector or to use for display. (How darling is this camera!?!)

Where to purchase: Juju Too
Price: $29.95


  1. The Imperial Delta was the first camera I ever owned -- bought used at a flea market for a couple of bucks in the late 1970s when I was about eight years old. I specifically remember choosing it over the other models the vendor had for sale because the flash-bulb housing of the Delta made the camera appear to me as being most like the types of cameras you commonly saw photographers using in the movies. :)

    But, man, that old Delta provided me and my buddies with TONS of fun snapping each other goofing around and mugging for the camera. I still have some of those old snaps. And, the delta actually took surprisingly good photos.

    They no longer make 127 roll film, but 127 film, except for the spool size, is identical to 120 film -- which is still readily available to this day. And, a number of on-line sources carry 120 film already re-spooled onto old 127 sized spools. So, you can still actually get film for this thing. Getting flash might be another story, however. The delta took these single use flash bulbs that looked just like little, tiny, regular incandescent light-bulbs. I remember, even back in the late '70s, it took some hunting around to find anyplace that still carried those bulbs. The best thing about them, though, was that they smelled AWESOME when they went off. No kidding! They went off with a loud, audible "POP", and gave off this extremely potent ozone-ish type of smell that really smelled like nothing else.


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