June 7, 2010

Lovely vintage we're listing throughout the week! Click on the thumbnails to view the product images and more details! There are so many more pretty vintage wares that will be photographed this week, so be sure to visit the shop to see more previews!

BTW, have you noticed my newest doll? (And by doll, I mean dress form) She is a Vintage Wolf Dress Form, a vintage size 10 but has the measurements of a modern day size 2/4. An early birthday gift to yours truly from my honey bunches of oats. I spent nearly 3 months hunting for just the right one and we finally found her waiting patiently in an antique shop (next to a Victorian dress form!) I named her Beatrice. My other dress form, a modern day size 0/00, is named Eloise. Just some Adore Vintage FYI. *hehe*


  1. I love that blue/topaz and gold necklace. Its gorgeous.:)SarahD


  2. Beatrice is beautiful! You have some beautiful pieces! I will be sure to stop by your shop :)



  3. I also named my dress form :) Her name is Matilda, she's not vintage though..

  4. A wonderful dressform. I too always have my eyes peeled for the perfect dressforms and mannequins to model off my vintage collection. Enjoy!!


  5. ahaha 'SEAHORSE NECKLACE' is exactly what came to my mid as well!



  6. The green spotty dress is gorgeous!


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