July 23, 2010

It may not come to a surprise that we love neutrals which is quite apparent in the non vintage clothing we wish our little hearts out for including these elastic waisted 3.1 Phillip Lim trousers, Poly/Cotton too and at nearly $700 JEEZ.

On a side note, we're currently intrigued by specimen displays, particularly those of plant life and sea life. After a visit to our favorite antique shop in Santa Monica, we noticed a pluthera of glass domes with honeycombs, corals, starfish, ferns, moss... similar to terrariums, but with non-living items inside.

Wildflowers are a huge inspiration for us right now too... hmm...


  1. those Lim trousers are to die for <3


  2. Wow i love the combination, looks perfect and cute

  3. Wow, cute clothings! :) Hat and floral shirt is my favourite!


  4. I Love that shirt!! im really into coloured trousers at the moment. im searching for ones like this but lilac xx georgia


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