August 12, 2010
Jane Birkin Jane Birkin: Reflections - Artwork jane birkin Jane Birkin Jane Birkin and Alain Delon in "La piscine" ARCHIVES - SERGE GAINSBOURG AVEC JANE BIRKIN A LA CAMPAGNE - X Jane+Birkin++Serge+Gainsbourg+aOFNtGJX9g05srm7lmM7p8LGo1_500 Jane Birkin Jane Birkin Serge Gainsbourgh & Jane Birkin Serge Gainsbourgh & Jane Birkin Serge Gainsbourgh & Jane Birkin

She epitomized effortless chic in the 1960s + 1970s. English style icon, Jane Birkin, is a model, actress, director, and singer (talk about a quadruple threat!). She cites jeans and cashmere sweaters as her daily go to and would rather dress as a man than a woman.

I love looking at photos of Jane & Serge, they were obviously so very in love, always laughing, holding hands, they both seemed to really adore one another.

Little FYI: Hermès named and designed a handbag - the Birkin bag - for her in 1984 after the actress was seen in 1981 by the head of Hermès struggling with several bags while boarding an aeroplane. The Birkin bag has become one of Hermès' most popular and expensive handbags.


  1. One of my favourites, she's so stunning, I love her style, her face, her body.. i envie theese women.

  2. Thats just another person to add to my list of style icons now she is stunning!

  3. Oh my goose! I love Jane Birkin. I recently did a "Style Icon" post on her on my blog! Check it out:


  4. Swoon!! I love these photos...especially the one of her in the fur coat! Lovely post!

    xo Kelly
    Glamourous Spirit

  5. love love jane b.

  6. she is a very good inspiration!
    love jane birkin!:)

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  8. she's iconic - the hair, the free styling and boho chic lifestyle!!

  9. She's so stunning,
    I love her style!!!!


  10. She is so hot especially the second picture.

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