September 28, 2010
paperflowersrobe cassiopenightgown vermilionhoneyrobe springlingersrobe floatawaypeignoir lightfadingnightgown neverlandslip fragiledoveslip snowberryslip vintage lingerie

Vintage lace slips, chiffon peignoirs, ruffled bodices, and dainty bows all coming soon to the shop!

Vintage sleepwear and loungewear used to be so lovely, nowadays it's so easy for us women to slip on sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. I think we should bring back delicate and feminine nightwear! Aren't all of these just so sweet?

More images and product details at the vintage shop! { A D O R E V I N T A G E }


  1. It's all so so pretty. Especially the first picture. Love! xx

  2. GOD! I love all of them. Thanks for bringing back delicate and feminine nightwear!:) Oh I can't decide which item I love the most!:) You're great!
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles.

  3. SIGHHH!!!

    love love love

    i am on the hunt for the perfect lace slip

    i'm in love with your blog

    please check mine out


  4. that dress on the top right and the 3rd down on the right I love b/c they could also be so modern!


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