September 1, 2010
Everything old is new again! This saying leads me to believe that vintage clothing will never go out of fashion because fashion itself will never go out of fashion, and let's be honest with ourselves, there are very few trends out there that are completely organic. Everything is borrowed, reworked, and reinvented to fit modern trends and fads.

music lessons
{ Socks with Heels + Clogs - Late 1960s }

{ Loose Fitting Layers - ELLE 1978 France }

wild women of the 40s
{ Women in Menwear Inspired Trousers - Cuffed - Vintage Photo 1940s }

Vogue September 1982
{ Menswear Inspirations - Vogue 1982 }

What are some modern day trends you can think of that we've borrowed from the past?


  1. I love playing dress up...especially as a boy :)

  2. Great images :)

  3. personally I ADORE women in menswear and I try to find my own was of wearing tailored items that a bit more masculine.

  4. I love seeing trends and things from the past! Keep posting more.

  5. What beautiful photographs. They capture the playfulness, innocence, beauty, and humor of the time so well. You don't see images like this often :)

  6. nice I like all those vintage dresses.

    Laby[satin shirt]


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