November 15, 2010
whatiwore-nov15 whatiwore-nov15-1

Trying to get better about documenting how I wear my vintage finds, but I always feel a little geeky in front of the camera (I suppose it's because I've always been a bit of a geek since always)... so I'd rather skip the camera time and just blog about what other people are wearing *hehe*

Anyhow, I picked up these pants from ZARA yesterday and just loved them! I love that they taper at the end but have some volume on top. I tried on a few other pants, but I've found with my body type, I cannot pull of skinny jeans or those jeggings I've been seeing everywhere. So apparently if you remotely have any curves at all, jeggings will not look good on you. Or at least they didn't look good on me, and I've tried numerous brands. Ahh it just isn't meant to be! I'll stick to vintage cut slacks (looser on the legs).


  1. do more what i wore post because you are super cute & i enjoy seeing what you put together!

  2. Very cute indeed! Love the hat..

  3. this whole outfit is perfect. i love it!

  4. So cute!
    I love the cut of those pants!
    I'm with you, lady!
    I have such trouble finding trousers that I like...Those Zara pants look perfect on you! I'll just have to find myself a pair. It's funny how tough it can be just to find a basic, cute, classic looking vintage inspired pair of trousers...Everything I see now is jeggings or drop-crotched or harem pants or has just too much going on!
    Thanks, as always, for keeping it elegant! Audrey Hepburn would be proud!

  5. Love your outfit, the trousers and hat are lovely:) x

  6. I also wear tailcoat its much better than others,you should also try it.


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