November 21, 2010
Vintage 1970s Cape Pattern

If I had a magic sewing wand that with a simple flick of the hand, the garment I wish to sew would appear, this knit cape would be one of them. All right, I know knitting is not sewing, but you get the idea ^_^. I love that this cape borders between fantasy and chic classic.

Image credit: Vintage 1970s Cape Pattern from McCalls from Retro With Lana


  1. So cute! You find the best stuff!
    Rodellee, I had to blog about your gorgeous Russian Folktale coat (
    It's so cute, and perfectly named! Got to spread the wintry goodness!

  2. Oh, those capes are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Nice sketch but I'm searching dress pants for my husband.


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