December 19, 2010
American jewelry designer who created beautiful costume jewelry pieces from the 1920s through the 1950s. Miriam Haskell jewelry is highly sought after by collectors and vintage aficionados alike.

Vintage Miriam Haskell Jewelry

Celebrities such as Lucille Ball, Joan Crawford, and the Duchess of Windsor have all worn her jewelry. In the 1950s, her brother suggested she start regularly signing her jewelry pieces. Prior to that, most of Miriam Haskell's designs are unsigned, therefore even harder to identify!

Vintage Miriam Haskell Jewelry

During the second world war, she had her designs crafted from natural materials and plastics and designed patriotic jewelry pieces. However, after World War II, Miriam's health took a toll leading to the loss of her company to her brothers in the 1950s.

Vintage Miriam Haskell Jewelry

I have to note that Miriam wasn't the actual designer for her jewelry designs, maybe in the beginning, but that credit should really belong to the jewelry designer she hired named Frank Hess (who designed pieces up until the 1960s).

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Image Credits: Morning Glory Antiques


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