December 20, 2010
sacredheartdress florenceardordress gardenofelunetop argentecoat pelagercoat infairveronabag rosalieblouse laissezrosesweater

So many vintage pretties in the shop right now (and with a lot more coming!) I've been so busy with wardrobe styling jobs that Adorevintage has seldom received shop updates. But with the rain and the chilly weather, it's difficult to do outdoor natural light shoots... so now I can concentrate on my first love...vintage!

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I spent a good chunk of the morning and some of this afternoon commenting back on those of you who have graciously took your time to comment on my blog. I do try to read so many and make sure I leave thoughtful remarks as I sincerely appreciate your comments.

I'm quite bummed it's raining in L.A. and I won't be able to witness the Lunar Eclipse (on the Winter Solstice no less!) At least I'll see photos tomorrow (but it's not the same *le sigh*)


  1. Great outfits, I love the coral(?) colour dress x

  2. Fur coat and greay coat are just perfect! Wish I have those two...

  3. I love the vintage pink blouse. Very feminine.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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  5. I just ran into your blog the other day and love it!!

  6. Wow! That’s a lovely collection! Everyone will LOVE this winter wear. It looks like different and gives lovely look. If you’re planning to attend a special occasion; it gives nice look your kinds. Thank you for sharing this blog.
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