December 9, 2010
I absolutely adore the color scheme for this week's vintage shop updates! Coincidentally enough all the colors match one of my favorite bags in the shop, The "In Fair Verona" tapestry bag. I hope you gals love the return to color coordinated vintage updates, I know I certainly love it! *hehe*

Vintage 1920s Dress Vintage 1950s Tapestry Bag
Vintage 1920s Florence Ardor Dress | Vintage 1950s In Fair Verona Bag

Vintage 1950s Rhinestone Brooch Vintage 1960s Golden Chiffon Party Dress
Vintage 1950s Émigré Brooch | Vintage 1960s Delicate Bliss Dress

Vintage 1940s Wool Saks Fifth Avenue Skirt Vintage 1930s Suede Pumps Heels
Vintage 1940s Verdigris Skirt | Vintage 1930s Caracole Heels


  1. I like so much the Florence Ardor dress :) I love its color :)

  2. Oh some lovely vintage goodies, love the bag very cute!

  3. Those heels are a delicious vermillion.
    And the dress has arrived and I love it--perfect with my new pixie! Thank you!

  4. They actually don't look so vintage to me. They are still beautiful and the design is excellent.
    woven patches

  5. just read and loved the article 5 Things to Consider When Buying Vintage...very useful for all who need a little helping hand! xx

  6. that bag is so fab

  7. I ADORE your site! So glad I found you! Red Shoes= newest addition to christmas list! Just my size too!-elyse


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