January 30, 2011
I love that the women Ellen von Unwerth photographs embody the sex symbols of years past like Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield...

I mostly respond to her black and white photos versus her color photography, the stark black and white just pops more! Her subjects are portrayed in very sexy settings, but kind of reminds me of when Bettie Page was breaking down barriers and walls in the 1950s with fetish photography, there's still some cuteness, some cheekiness to them.


  1. These pictures are absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Wow..I remember a lot of these photos..brings me back to the 90s by way of 60's sex kitten glam. I always love looking at Ellen's portraits of women..it always inspires me to wear liquid eye liner!

    My first exposure to Ellen was the haunting cover she shot for Hole's 'Live Through This' album. A neo-Carrie prom queen!

    Thanks for this collection of photos!


  3. I feel the need to begin again as a stylist for my own version of ...
    "Soft Serve Pretty ..almost Porn".


  4. Hot post I'm getting wild on your photos.

    Laby[colored suits]


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