January 22, 2011
I often wish I had my little own space to do all my work and these lovely vintage inspired home offices have got me a bit green with envy! So inspiring!

I love that mix of modern meets industrial meets vintage. When I say vintage, I usually refer to a more feminine look and not just something that is older. And for industrial, to me it is more masculine. Maybe I can say I like very androgynous rooms?


  1. I love the chairs!!! and the colors
    I'm a inner designer, but i Love vintage clothes and desings XDD

    If you like modern chairs, check the victoria and louis ghost chair :)

    take care!

  2. Such a beautiful space!

  3. Yes! The first 3 pictures are all amazing. They play in textures, line, and modernism, while using earthy and neutral tones.

  4. I like the mix of modern and old furniture! thats cool!
    greets from germany

  5. Totally inspirational.

  6. As I sit here and clean & organize my home office - These photos are DEFINITELY inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing! Jen

  7. hi rodellee!!

    how are you? i actually used to read your blog... in the xanga days... :)

    nice to see you doing big things! your site and blog are lovely!!

    - mee


  8. So neat and clean this interior design is what I want in my room.

    Laby[colored suits]


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