February 7, 2011

It's such a beautiful day outside so while I'm in the studio for now catching up on work, I couldn't help but showcase how brilliantly sunny it is right outside the studio window. Photographing these vintage blouses later this afternoon and they'll all be available in the shop this evening! Stay tuned my lovelies!

vintageblouses1 vintageblouses2


  1. Ooh, so light and pretty! I love the ones in the last picture.


  2. I have blousses like this and they are adorable! I really like them and are sooo confortable!!

  3. Such a beautiful way to present the clothing. Hope your week is going lovely, sweetie! ~amanda @ lace&tea

  4. i just met you, but we are already in a fight! how dare you leave a comment on my blog that causes me to check out YOUR blog, which then causes me to become obsessed with your drool-worthy vintage finds.

    we are fighting, but i'll be back again tomorrow. ;)

    ps...if you're in la...do you have an actual shop, by chance??

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  6. sunny day! Here I had the same ...
    I really liked the blouses, some time ago I decided to sew one for myself in the same style, but I never did.

  7. Seriously the most precious tops! And adorable photos as well :)



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