February 17, 2011

A little clip from Charlie Chaplin's first full length movie released in 1921 "The Kid" featuring Jackie Coogan.


  1. Something new, I see. :)
    I love doing vintage movies and music info on my blog, too... Its so fun to find and share these things!
    You're truly amazing.

  2. I love this film!
    You always add the best little treats to complement your fashions--you create a world of old-timey wonder!

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  4. I'm new to adore vintage and it's totally inspiring. well done!

    I too write a blog and own a vintage shop, but based in the UK so has a different edge, a British 'influence'. check it out, all support much appreciated!

    L xx

  5. I watched this only a few weeks ago in my Stars and Celebrities lecture for film studies and I was thrilled that everyone in my glass found ti hilarious just goes to the show that the classics are timeless. I think that fans of adorevintage would fit perfectly in my class lol in a few weeks time we are looking at fashion icons with example of Sex and the City and Audrey Hepburn

  6. I love watching vintage movies, it sort of makes me emotional at times! I like to imagine how it would've been the big huge-hit at the time, everyone dashing to the cinema to see it.

    If you like vintage inspired homeware check out my new blog...



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