March 28, 2011
Babycakes is an adorable little bakery serving up pretty looking vegan & gluten free baked goods in downtown Los Angeles. I'm very skeptical of "vegan, gluten-free" bakeries mostly because I feel like desserts and sweets SHOULD HAVE all those not so great things for you so they taste delicious.


A friend and I stopped in after discussing plans for the Adorevintage April 2011 lookbook shoot on Wednesday. I didn't know Babycakes was a vegan bakery, usually I would high tail it elsewhere, but the decor was so darn cute, I thought why not?

babycakes_3 babycakes_1 babycakes_2

I'm a sucker for cute interiors like I'm a sucker for packaging and presentation. The girls that work here wear adorable pin striped little shift dresses with bows on the neck. Um, yes please!

babycakes_4 babycakes_5 babycakes_6

The prices are higher. I find that's pretty common for places like this... but $5.00 for a CUPCAKE... I know it has fancy grains and soy milk...but FIVE DOLLARS for something I can literally eat in two big bites? Hrmph.

babycakes_7 babycakes_8

If you're in downtown LA and looking for a cute vintage-y place to get a vegan baked treat (and DELICIOUS coffee, seriously, so yummy!) I recommend Babycakes. But, if you're not really into the "healthy" versions of sinful desserts like brownies, cupcakes, and bread loaves, I'd probably just skip it unless you want to go here to admire the vintage records on display and to feel cute in this very girlie bakery.

All photos taken by me. Please feel free to share, credit/link back ^_^


  1. Yum! I'll have to check this place out sometime. They get bonus points for having a Cyndi Lauper poster! :)

  2. MMM yummy! The book is amazing and the place looks wonderful too!
    Have a great week! xxx

  3. Have you been to Nickel Diner in downtown? I LOVE their doughnuts, especially the bacon one! My favorite place to get baked goods was in Little Tokyo, they had amazing cream puffs at a little bakery in the plaza.

  4. So lovely, wish I would run a shop like this one day!

  5. i liked baby cakes, but yeah it was hard paying $5 bucks for it! Larks is still a favorite but it's nice thinking it is gluten free! great post!

  6. My sister and I tried it but neither of us cared for the cupcakes, they just kind of tasted like coconut with and odd texture.


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