March 30, 2011
"When you're finished changing, you're finished" - Benjamin Franklin. Well, he WAS quite a brilliant man.

These are all so inspiring to me right now. I really want to do a shoot in the desert soon with lots of cactus! Maybe for a Summer editorial for Adorevintage? ^_^

Image Credits:
1.] Kirsten Dunst for Band of Outsiders Spring 2011 via Fashiongonerogue, 2.] Becca Stadtlander illustrations via Creaturecomforts, 3.] Jane Eyre still via The New York Times, 4.] Shoes via W Closet, 5.] Amazing apartment inspiration via Emma Design Blog, 6.] Fantastic candy packaging via Mast Brothers Chocolate, 7.] Delicate Wardrobe photo print available at Diem Design, 8.] Lost credit link but was spotted on Pinterest


  1. What a beautiful arrangement...I especially love the Kirsten Dunst throwback, the mary janes, and the anatomical posters and white space in that room...also the roped ladder. Just stunning.

    You have an inspired eye.

  2. x w o w x so pretty!!!


  3. Those show look so stylish and comfortable... perfect for walking in the city! And I hope the chocolate is as excellent as the wrapping looks!

  4. The Mast Brothers chocolate packaging is AMAZING - so pretty and whimsical.

    I've just done a post on vintage if your interested :)


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