March 7, 2011
You lovely lady with your vintage hair, I'll admire you from afar but would never be brave enough to let you know how greatly in awe I am of your style.

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Oh, goodnes, and those collars... I really despise cold weather, but seeing photos of fabulously dressed women in vintage coats with fur collars, it makes me sort of wish I lived somewhere that warranted the wearing of a thick cozy coat.

Image Source: The Sartorialist


  1. I realy love the hair styles of these two ladys. My favorite coat would be the first one. I could use that one today...

  2. The hair styles are fabulous. I am very against real fur collars on principle, but faux fur collars ~ yes please!

  3. I am in love with the 1940's style!
    it's times like these I wish it were winter just so I could wear beautiful coats with fur collars!

  4. I really like vintage!

  5. I really love that hair style. Nice blog btw

  6. 40's hairstyle is really cool she look gorgeous.

    Laby[big suit]


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