April 13, 2011

I first fell in love with Betty Grable and her most charming smile in the 1953 movie "How to Marry A Millionare" with Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall. Then I saw "Pin Up Girl" and "Moon Over Miami" and thought she was just so cute. What's is your favorite Betty Grable movie?

Betty Grable had the most famous legs in Hollywood and were insured for $1,000,000 by Llyods of London. It's interesting that in our times her legs would be considered on the curvy side. In my opinion she still has amazing legs!

Image Credits:
1.] Betty Grables rides a bike (circa 1935) via ridesabike.tumblr, 2.] Betty Grable in polka dots via Beenswank.net, 3.] Publicity for "Million Dollar Legs" via flickr, 4.] Flickr, 5.] Betty Grable from 'Moon Over Miami' Flickr, 6.] Flickr, 7.] Betty Grable reading via valentinovamp.tumblr, 8.] From deactivated blog Daydreamsofadoll


  1. Hi,i'm a new follower,Wonderful blog!

  2. Oh I love that last outfit on the left! So beautiful.

  3. This is not my home, so no reason to be jealous:)
    These are photos taken at two steps from my house to go.

    See you, and Vintage forever ;)

  4. I <3 Betty Grable. I like that there was a time when you didn't have to be ungodly skinny to be a bombshell.

  5. Love looking at vintage styles like this. I always wanted my hair to that wave!

  6. Lovely photos1
    I wish i knew how to do my long hair like that.


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