June 7, 2011
About a month ago I was approached by the lovely ladies at THE LANE to become a guest contributor on their wedding inspiration site. I couldn't be more pleased, the website is so gorgeous and stock full of inspiration, I was honored to be asked to be a part of it!

Thought I would I share the "Painted Forest" wedding theme with you and hopefully it inspires your wedding planning!


We are very excited to share this whimsical guest theme, created by Rodellee Marie of Adorevintage.com, an online vintage clothing store based in Los Angeles, California and the editor of popular vintage blog - AdoreVintage Blog. Named by H&M Magazine as the No.1 online vintage store, Adore Vintage has a antique vintage wedding dress collection available here.

Vintage Inspired Wedding Theme by Rodellee Marie for TheLane.com
See the full wedding inspiration board here

Mood: You've entered a world that's half forgotten, a forest glen where sunshine dapples through the leaves, long wild grass sways gently in the summer breeze. It's a fairy tale romance tinted with mystery and whimsical intrigue come to life.

Palette: Mossy greens, whisper cream, faded ivory, blushing pink with touches of vibrant wildflower hues such as poppy, mauve, and daisy white

Tune: Claude Debussy's "Reverie"

Inspired by: Every girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding with the shining castle and marble floors, but what about a fairy tale wedding nestled deep in an enchanted forest where the romance might have first possibly bloomed? Sir Jon William Waterhouse's preraphaelite paintings was the original inspiration and the beautiful "Reverie" by Claude Debussy.


To view the full post, be sure to visit Painted Forest Vintage Wedding Inspiration at TheLane.com


  1. What a beautiful batch of photos! Thanks for stopping by this morning! :)

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  3. oh my goodness gracious me. this has just made me so happy. now i know what i want my life to look like (and my wedding). THANKYOU!!! x x x x



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