August 18, 2011

Yesterday afternoon I decided to bake red velvet cupcakes. The stuff from the little red box mind you, but I didn't want to just make plain red velvet cupcakes... oh no siree, I am a girl who loves everything to look just so and by just so I meant cute in every way possible (without injecting Hello Kitty glitter hearts crap all over it). The icing is just cream cheese whipped frosting. So, nothing really "from scratch."

I had some raspberries and almond slivers and I had some extra craft tape and toothpicks... and well, here are the cutest cupcakes I've ever baked thus far!

redvelvetcupcakes_6 cupcakes_1 redvelvetcupcakes_4 redvelvetcupcakes_7 redvelvetcupcakes_5

Hopefully I'll have time today to bring some over to the lovely abode of Rococo Vintage. I'll save some though seeing as I have a dozen left.


  1. This looks absolutely divine! Probably one of the sweetest cupcakes I've seen!
    I especially love that it is velvet and contains raspberries
    Much love
    (dot blogspot dot com)

  2. I love these. Adorable and delicious.

  3. YUMMM! Looks amazing! Check out for fashion updates :)

  4. Very inviting cupcakes, sweet and delicious looking!
    (And not too fussy with loads of icing) You should bake more!

  5. Cuteness sans the hello kitty crap. girl after my own heart. I like cats. not that one though. these look delightful.
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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  6. Wow... I thought that cupcake is really yummy! I love this Blog! <3


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