October 18, 2011
Trying to reorganize one's life is much harder than reorganizing a closet. And I must admit, I do enjoy organizing closets so very much. Mine in particular was getting quite crazy and sometimes when certain things are perplexing me, it helps to have a little place of solace. In my world, that's my closet which is filled with pretty vintage tops, frilly vintage dresses, and other things I fancy.

Here is the "Before" photo... kind of a crazy mess.

And here it is "After" Ahh... how clean and lovely!

So, in other news... still waiting to hear about the BIG news. I'm crossing my fingers, my toes, my eyes... haha. I'm basically waiting to hear back if I'll be getting a creative work space soon in the fashion district in downtown LA! It just so happens that one of my good friends shares a studio with one of her friends (also a vintage seller) and that friend is waiting to hear if she was approved for a brick + mortar and if the answer is yes then that means that soon I'll finally have a studio to work out of and will no longer have to work in my tiny little apartment (which the past couple months has really proven to be difficult!)

Wow, sorry for that gigantic run on sentence!

Anyhow, having a studio space means so many many wonderful things! We'll have a place to shoot product photos that I won't have to dismantle every time. I'll have a shipping station, things will be much more organized and more functional for work. Working out of a 450 square foot apartment and using the kitchen counters as a shipping station (and pantry as storage) isn't exactly ideal...

Needless to say I'm on pins and needles waiting if it's "yes" or "no" as a few other things are pending on this answer. (More on that later...I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket!) But on an end note, here are some more closet photos...


  1. I LOVE THE CLOTHES!!! Beautiful

  2. ah! i want your closet! you also made me want to reorganize mine, it is quite a disaster at the moment.

    and good luck on the studio space, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!



  3. i think that is the prettiest closet I have ever seen... my husband and I are restoring our 1920s farmhouse, and we have NO CLOSETS in the bedrooms! We're going to build some, but till then, I transformed the upstairs foyer into a closet of sorts. So I am drooling over yours. :)

  4. ohh so pretty ... just the perfect size...♥

  5. Good luck with the studio. I used to live in tiny single apartment in Silverlake and it was difficult to move around..

  6. gorgeous! i love that this shows that vintage closets can still be organized and modern at the same time.


  7. These pictures are so lovely, thank you for sharing!

  8. I LOVE peeking into people's lives and your closet is amazing. Mine is a disaster. So much stuff I have to cull, so little inspiration for culling.

  9. Wow, a masterpiece your closet is!! I adore reorganizing mine too; it takes time but... I love it!


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