November 14, 2011
A friend of mine introduced me to Instagram a few months ago and I honestly didn't understand that it was a social sharing photo medium. I'm still trying to get the hang of it, but honesty there are so many social media outlets out there I can't keep up with all of them. But, I do love Instagram so much! Love that my photos instantly get that dreamy vintage touch with a touch of a button. So... without further ado... Adorevintage on Instagram.

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Adore Vintage Instagram vintage photos

1.] My "new" vintage industrial work bench used as a desk + "new" industrial stool.
2.] A growing collection of vintage brooches that will be available at my vintage clothing store soon!
3.] My favorite breakfast of rosemary bread, chocolate spread, French berry jam...and a vintage book from the library
4.] A Coca-Cola break during the afternoon when I moved *almost* all my vintage goodies into my new work studio
5.] My roommate's little vintage bride and groom wedding cake toppers. I adore these little people!
6.] A vintage Acme dress form I purchased at the Long Beach flea market
7.] Sometimes I like to get crafty. Made this twig ball with flowers, silk ribbons, birds, butterflies, and bows... it now hangs from my ceiling
8.] A pretty mess of beautiful antique treasures picked and found...
9.] I so adore snacking on macarons! These are from Lette Macarons on Larchmont Boulevard... the pink striped one was "rose petal" and it was delicious!

Do you have Insta.gram? Let's follow each other. Find me under "adorevintage" ^_^ Happy snapping!


  1. i love these! instagram is my favorite iphone camera app. i love love all the cool filters. you can find me as "prettylittlevintage"

    ill follow you, i am sure you have tons of lovely photos to share!



  2. gorgeous pictures! i have huge love for instagram, i'll have to hunt you down!


  3. everything looks adorable, special the macarons and your desk

    I have instragram, you can find me as Ruzu_corner

  4. Too cute!
    I do the same thing now too once a week share my instagram fetish!


  5. Ahh, I absolutely love this collection! These are all just gorgeous ^^

  6. I am obsessed with this app also! It's totally addictive! Love your pics!

  7. @Brittany Leigh @Ruzu

    Found and followed you!

    @Pearl - I'm thinking of posting Instagram updates maybe once a month, I think I'm starting to use my camera phone more than my actual camera!

    @Kailey @Megan - Thank you lovelies! ^_^


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