December 22, 2011
Life has definitely been crazy this year. And as the year draws to a close I have to take this moment to reflect and recap on the big changes I went through for 2011. Well, I'm not going to recap it here, I'll just skip to the whole point of this post which is the rebranding of Adorevintage, my vintage shop.

Many years ago (well ok, not that long ago) I started Adorevintage because I was running out of closet space and I started on Ebay. Throughout the years I thought it was a good idea to brand AV like it was a bigger company and most people would be so surprised it was only little old me doing everything for the shop. And to this day it STILL is ONLY me. So, I thought, ok...I need to rethink a few things. Not to mention life threw me quite a few curve balls this year and in heart, mind, and body I could not focus on Adorevintage.

So now, that things feel more settled, my feet aren't so shaky to stand on... I can finally focus back on my passion and love for vintage. I definitely will be more true to what Adorevintage is...a vintage clothing shop run by a young woman who is crazy about vintage clothing. Not a corporation, not a business with lots of interns and people doing everything for her... it's a mom and pop without the Mom or the Pop. :) What would you call that?

So above... is the new brand/look inspiration board for Adorevintage. You can already see some of it in action on my blog... but the new site design as well as any media I will be doing will be brand focused. A lot of my inspiration came from this amazing design blog Pugly Pixel. I feel so much more sure about my place in life right now.

What a fantastic feeling to have going into the New Year!