January 22, 2012
She was known as the "Flapper-par-Excellence" or the "The Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman of sex, who always gets her man"... so here are more fun facts about the 1920s silent film star, Clara Bow.

10 Vintage Facts About: Clara Bow
A photo of a young Clara Bow, probably around the time she won the beauty contest that would change the course of her life | source

10 Vintage Facts About: Clara Bow

1.] Her idols included Mae Murray, Gloria Swanson, and Theda Bara

2.] Clara Bow arrived in Hollywood in 1923

3.] She went to Hollywood by way of winning a Beauty Contest while she was still in high school

4.] She failed in the talkies mostly because of her thick Brooklyn accent

10 Vintage Facts About: Clara Bow
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5.] From 1927 to 1930 she was one of the top five Hollywood box-office attractions

6.] Clara Bow had a horrible childhood and grew up poor. She was sexually abused by her father and neglected by her emotionally unbalanced mother.

7.] Her last name "Bow" is short for her actual last name "Bowtinelli"

8.] Young Gary Cooper had a crush on Clara Bow

9.] Despite her films' successes and more money, Clara Bow opted to live humbly in a bungalow instead of a mansion

10.] She married cowboy actor and rancher, Rex Bell, in Las Vegas. They lived in Nevada where Rex Bell eventually became lieutenant governor.

10 Vintage Facts About: Clara Bow

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To find out more about the 1920s film star Clara Bow, please read: Biography: Clara Bow and The Unknown Clara Bow. For more Clara Bow pictures, I highly recommend the Clara Bow Archive


  1. I love the first picture: the innocent girl with a very difficult childhood who turns into a strong woman and a brilliant actress with a successful career.

    1. Isn't the photo amazing? It's both so lovely and yet kind of sad at the same time. She had the most expressive eyes.

  2. Lovely post of a wonderful strong talented woman. I now have a strong urge to watch her movies.

  3. Clara Bow is such an incredible actress! I read the biography David Stenn wrote about her, and was absolutely horrified by her early life - it is so incredible to think she had the strength to get through that. Wonderful post!

  4. I love this post! Clara Bow is one my favorites. Her eyes were so expressive. I would have loved to hear her voice!

  5. thanks for the beautiful spotlight on ms.clara bow.

  6. not that old chestnut again about Clara failing in Talkies because of her voice.!
    Wrong wrong wrong.
    She made 11 Talkies and if her personal problems had not broken her she
    would had i much longer career i am sure.
    by the way....Clara was given 2 weeks to prepare for talkies, Greta Garbo had a year!

  7. Funny that nearly 100 years later everything 20's is suddenly very hip - I don't mind, I've always appreciated that style


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