January 25, 2012
Oh good golly! I look through a lot of wedding photos, mostly because they're just pretty... and a few months ago I had repinned this photo without ever bothering to check the source for the other images. And today I did and I'm just gobsmacked by how absolutely wonderful these moments captured are!

Vintage Inspired Wedding: On Top Of A Mountain Vintage Inspired Wedding: On Top Of A Mountain Vintage Inspired Wedding: On Top Of A Mountain

Can we say OH MY GOD? The bride's dress is stunning and not to mention a stunning bride! I love the netted fascinator veil she opted for, short and sweet with gold floral details in the back.

Vintage Inspired Wedding: On Top Of A Mountain Vintage Inspired Wedding: On Top Of A Mountain Vintage Inspired Wedding: On Top Of A Mountain Vintage Inspired Wedding: On Top Of A Mountain Vintage Inspired Wedding: On Top Of A Mountain Vintage Inspired Wedding: On Top Of A Mountain

These photos make me smile and also make me wish I got invited to this wedding on top of a mountain in Colorado. The Seattle based photographer Sean Flanigan has an amazing eye for those perfect little moments. He truly is an editorial photographer, absolutely wonderful!

Vintage Inspired Wedding: On Top Of A MountainVintage Inspired Wedding: On Top Of A Mountain

This last photo gives me goosebumps, I can't quite put a finger on it, but it is such a beautiful photo. Like a favorite memory thought of over and over again into your wee old years and it's fading. Lovely, but fading.


  1. Beautiful!! I want my wedding to look like this, so gorgeous :)

  2. That dress is amazing!

    xo L.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous in every way!

  4. Oh! These are beautiful! I am inspired! My fella and I are planning our wedding in Hawaii, a year and a half away! Summer 2013! We have to save loads though as we want to do our honeymoon over three months, across America! :) That is why I am selling everything I own pretty much! Haha! Saving for my dream! This is so pretty and inspiring! Thanks so much for posting! :) I get SO excited when I see things like this! :D All the best Rodellee! Zoë x

  5. So beautiful! Her dress! It is my dream dress.


  6. These are incredibly beautiful. I'm adding them to my wedding inspiration folder. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Oh my goodness these photo's just took my breath away! They are so beautiful! When I get married I want it to be in nature and these are so inspirational! Oh and I agree, the bride is stunning.


  8. dying over this -- picture perfect wedding. btw i think we should be friends.

  9. Love these! Those name tags are really cute.


  10. Lovely blog dear.
    My last post is about my vintage passion.
    Come on my blog if you want see.

    Baci from Italy.


  11. Hello! I'm from Portugal and i simply love your blog. :)

    Makes me dream a lot!!!
    Actually i'm getting married and at the moment i'm preparing the wedding, my BIG HUGE DAY! :) Our wedding's theme is "Love Letters" , cause that's how our story begun. :) and our wedding is inspired by vintage. We are combining the modern with vintage inspirations (a passion of mine).

    So i'm a reader and visitor of you! :)
    Keep on the great work! ;)


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  13. I love this dress in every way you have worn it!

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  15. nice pics awesome..


  16. This makes me want to have another wedding (to the same husband of course! :)

  17. What a beautiful wedding. Amazing photos and location!! F x

  18. how do you manage to find every beautiful picture on the internet?! i've been browsing through old posts for over a half an hour. so much to love!
    like this dress... my goodness!


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