February 17, 2012
The amount of vintage I've been hanging on to while the whole atelier situation was being handled then painted has surmounted to quite a lot. Like 2 rolling racks a lot! So, I'm definitely excited to start sharing more vintage with you gals again! Here is a preview (a few others will be trickling in too, but haven't had time to edit their photos) for the new vintage coming this weekend!

I decided I'm going to go back to my old way of posting vintage, which is to color theme them. I started re-designing my website AGAIN... I was 80% done with it then I scrapped it all together and started over. So now, I'm only 50% done. Oh well. It will get done soon enough, but for now, shop updates will be on Etsy!

All of these items will be up in the { vintage shop } soon!


  1. Oh, I'm in love with that long sleeved mottled burgundy sweater with the buttons!!! Can you tell more about price and size?? Thanks!!!

    1. $42 - fits my 4/6 dress form perfectly. Will be listed this afternoon/evening!

  2. Love your shop hun, the pieces are fabulous! Very well thought out. Definitely wanting some style already! Thanks so much for the visit and comment! Following you now :)

    Couture Caddy


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