March 29, 2012
Sorry for the lack of updates to the vintage shop, but this weekend I'll be finishing up the NEW website, so all of these shop updates will be on the new shop page with a few available on the Adorevintage Etsy shop as well.

Vintage 1950s sundress, vintage dress from the 1950s

Last night I had a meeting with Richard Wainwright, co founder of the los Angeles vintage marketplace, A Current Affair, to discuss the upcoming show in the Fall and also the website itself. I'm really excited for this new opportunity to be able to help out a fellow vintage friend. You know what's interesting is that Richard and I are practically studio neighbors! If I were a couple floors higher in my building I could probably wave to him from my studio window!

Anyhow, back to the vintage shop update... this week's curated vintage collection I wanted to focus on Navy, Black, Blue, and a few icy pastels in the form of vintage lingerie and slips. I am so in love with the 1930s silk nightgown! It just screams Hollywood screen starlet, doesn't it? And the color is stunning. I honestly want a pair of marabou feather heeled slippers and a sheer embroidered robe to wear with it. But alas, the nightgown is too big and too long for me, so to the shop it goes!

Vintage 1920s Purse, Vintage Art Deco Bag

Vintage 1930s Dress, Vintage Dress

Vintage 1930s Shoes, Vintage Shoes

Vintage 1930s Dress, Vintage Dress from the 1930s

Vintage Lingerie, Vintage 1930s Nightgown

Vintage 1940s Dress, vintage dress from the 1940s

Vintage 1940s hat, vintage hat from the 1940s

Vintage shoes, vintage 1940s heels

Vintage 1950s dress, vintage dress from the 1950s

Vintage dress and jacket set from the 1950s

Vintage heels from the 1950s

Vintage needlepoint tapestry bag, vintage 50s purse

Vintage lingerie, vintage slip dress from the 1950s

Vintage lingerie, vintage slip dress from the 1950s

So, I've been hanging on to so many vintage shoes! The new shop will have over a dozen pairs of shoes from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s... very excited about all the new shop changes! I've logged over 50 hours working on this website... so I really hope when it is released you all love it as much as I do. A lot of sweat and tears went into the new design. :)

Be sure to visit the new Shop Adorevintage site this weekend to see when the new site is up and running! I'll still be making small tweaks here and there when it does go live...but still, at least all things will be functional and there will be lots of new vintage!


  1. Wow, lovely pieces. I hope my shop will be like this someday. I'll definitely check out the new shop when it's finished! Love your blog!
    xo, Tori

  2. Pretty!
    I'm really looking forward to seeing your new site design and seeing a couple of those dresses in more detail. :)

  3. This blog is really just perfect! You've got a new fan :)
    Looking forward to reading some more on this blog!

    Have a wonderful weekend and lots of love,

  4. Love love love the shoes!!!!!!!!

  5. This blog is amazing
    I love It and I'm following
    I can't stop looking the blue bag It's beautiful

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you've found out about Adorevintage vintage blog:)

  6. beautiful pieces- totally swooning over the shoes!


    1. I come across so many cute ones but they're always so tiny! Lucky the girl who has size 5.5 feet!

  7. Congrats on your new website. Found through blog browsing, you've got some gorgeous! dresses in your shop :D Happy Thursday!


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