March 12, 2012
A Current Affair is coming up soon! (It's this weekend!) Here's my quick and dirty guide to one of my favorite vintage events in Los Angeles, A Current Affair Pop-Up Marketplace in downtown Los Angeles.

A Current Affair happens a few times a year. Spring, Fall, and Holidays. There are usually 20-30 vintage vendors who all know their stuff like for serious. This isn't your average swap meet or flea market ditty. The vendors here are not only very knowledgeable about vintage, they're also all very fashion savvy. The crowd that goes through the event is usually a good mix of wardrobe stylists, designers, costume designers for tv shows and movies, fashion bloggers, celebrities, and vintage aficionados. You'll find a plethora of vintage designer labels and rare antique and vintage finds. It's a really well curated show and a must do if you're in LA during the weekends of the events. If not to mingle with some of the fashionable peeps that come through and get your cocktail hour least come to get inspired! A Current Affair is definitely the place to shop for when you're looking for that special something to add to your wardrobe.

Oh, and also all the vendors are just cool nice people. I should know, I've met them all! ^_^

Ok, let's talk prices. Since that's really what you want to know, right? A Current Affair isn't a flea market. Can you haggle for prices? Sure, as a vendor I'm not going to get offended, just don't ask for a $400 dress to be $60... I'm not sure how other vendors feel about price haggling, but I know when I go to a vintage show I always ask for a lower price if I feel like what the seller is asking is a bit higher. If they say no, I was probably going to pay the asking price anyway. Long story short, it doesn't hurt to ask, just don't be insulting.


A Current Affair: Vintage Pop-Up Marketplace
Cooper Design Space
860 S. Los Angeles Street, LA CA 90014
$10 Cover
March 17th 6-10 PM // March 18th 11-5PM