April 16, 2012
I love the fashion decoupaged feel these photographs evoke by Japanese photograher, Miyuki Yamanaka. The use of textures from the garments themselves in the photographs add this layered effect that I'm kinda digging.

Photography | Miyuki Yamanaka Photography | Miyuki Yamanaka Photography | Miyuki Yamanaka Photography | Miyuki Yamanaka

her own words: "I am a Japanese photographer currently based in London. Inspiration comes from the mundane scenes, which often relates to nostalgia and obsolescence. This has also led me to explore the themes; existence, death, time, constancy and family." - from M-Y-Pics.com

m-y-pics | creativedepart.com/art


  1. The parallels these images have with collage is so fascinating. I am blown away. Thank you for sharing

    Faith Wall

  2. such intriguing images - haven't seen anything like it!


  3. So lively photos! these photos had been clicked with so much passion that it seems to have inserted lives in all photos.

  4. I love this concept too! It was well executed too! :) I hope you are well, I haven't been online for a fair wee while so just catching up! I love the new shop look and items! If only I weren't so broke I could be greedy! ;) I am wearing a dress I bought from your shop years ago in my latest blog post though! It is still a favourite of mine! :) Have a braw weekend sweet Rodellee! Zoë xxx

  5. I came here from Google Image Search, your Photography is really very Unique ! Very very Appreciated. Rodellee

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  6. Such a great photography. I was amaze with the concept you have used. Simply amazing and cool.


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