April 8, 2012
Vintage Wolf Dress Forms

I don't know what it is about vintage Wolf dress forms, but whenever I come across one my heart starts to race. Ever on the hunt for the prized size 2 vintage dress form, I was about to call it quits when right at an opportune moment I saw one hidden in the back behind some its newer friends. I inquired of said vintage dress form in which the kind man replied:

"You don't want that one, it's used." He chuckled softly. "See it's ripped and it's so old."

Oh no, no, you don't understand," I explain, "I would rather have this old one than one of these new ones! I love these vintage dress forms!"

Vintage Wolf Dress Forms Vintage Wolf Dress Forms

And 10 minutes later it was paid for and arranged for delivery. And so now, I am the very proud owner of a vintage Wolf dress form in a Junior size 10. Will I still be on the hunt for another dress form? Of course! But, three seems like a good number for now.

Isn't it weird that all my vintage dress forms are a size 10? And yet they're all completely different modern day sizes...


  1. She's a beauty! I'm jealous...those smaller ones are SO hard to find; good score.

  2. Great finds--so jealous! I was on a rampant hunt for dress forms a few months back and had to settle for one that doesn't quite compare to these vintage goodies you snagged.

    Minted Magazine | MintedMag.com

  3. I finally bought mine - a Wolf of course, full form hanging figure, complete with medallion. I can't wait for her to come! I used to do line work for a company's clothing line and had gotten so used to her patiently watching me work, that I missed her terribly after moving on. It will be a lovely reunion and I've tried to geuss-tamate my daughter's eventual size so that when she's stopped growing, we'll hopefully be about the right size to really give her some use again. your collection is wonderful!


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