May 28, 2012
I'm on a cloud my pretties and I don't want to come down...

I must say this weekend was pretty epic. In a totally "I'm an old fart" kind of way. Alcohol drank... hardly any. Will you count two sips of a fruity beer? I didn't think so. It all began Friday evening when I went to sleep at the luxurious hour of 10:30 PM. You see, last week I was hardly present at my abode as I took advantage of outing invitations every single evening and crashed at home around 1-2 in the morning. Hardly responsible...but again, these outings had very little to do with alcohol (Korean karaoke...yes! Dancing to 90s music under disco lights and sipping on Sprite...yes!)

Anyhow, they say photos say more than 1,000 words. I'm not sure if I've got that one quite right and I'm much too lazy at the moment to google it... so here are a series of Instagrammed photos to recap the weekend of awesomeness.

got me a bike.
been wanting one.
went out and got one.

keep saying i want to redecorate.
finally started.

beach day with the boy.
ran into TWO vintage MG midgets BOTH green in Malibu.
it's a sign folks.

fruit tart noshin' whilst planning California forest adventures.
got photographed by the radtastic jen sosa.
(she is totally rad.)

can't stop smilin' when the sun is a shinin'!
vintage dress scores.

these babes arrived.
it's peony season.
get some!


So next time I have a totally shitty MONTH (because up until last week and this weekend, that's the pattern it's been going) I'll look back on this weekend and count my blessings. Happy Memorial Day folks!


  1. I like vintage clothes, have many.

  2. Where are those shoes from?!

    1. Sam Edelman "YELENA" :) they sell them pretty much everywhere!

  3. Your weekend was wonderful. Maybe it was the beginning of a very good time in your life?

  4. :D YAY! So happy to read you had a wee share of love, sun and fun! You deserve it dear! :) Congratulations on the bike! :) I LOVE my bike! And everything looks and sounds delish from your pictures! I love the sound of California Forrest adventures, can I come!? haha! :) I hope the rest of your week is just as swell and let's see a wonderful June huh! :) Zoë xxx

  5. Good for you girl, glad to see things are moving into the right direvtion for you.

  6. You have a very lovely blog :) Love the photos!

  7. you are so cute - looks like the perfect weekend!



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