June 16, 2012
If you know me in person, or even if you know through online mediums it might not be a surprise to you that I love geometric shapes. That is why when I spotted these handpainted geometric shaped necklaces by artist Meghann Rader I had to let her know right away how in love I was!

Meghann Rader Handpainted Geometric Jewelry Meghann Rader Handpainted Geometric Jewelry Meghann Rader Handpainted Geometric Jewelry

You can purchase these beautiful pieces here: Meghann Rader - Etsy Shop. The above three are my favorite pieces from her shop and Meghann was kind enough to send me the Wooden Geometric Triangle Necklace which I've worn quite a few times since receiving it. (BTW, her packaging is stellar, I was so ecstatic about it when it arrived in the mail!)


  1. I LOVE that top triangle. Something very modern yet very 20s/30s art deco, too!

  2. Love those jewelry! I want them!

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  3. I love your denim shirt. It looks so cool with that amazing jewellery.

    I also have black hair, and love black hair.

    Please feel free to check out my new blog that I started this week.

  4. Excellent product with modern and innovative idea. I can feel that the product cost is not to much. All of them I like The tangle shape necklaces.

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  5. These necklaces are great! I have a friend who is obsessed with triangles...might have to look at purchasing something!

  6. Your hand printed geometric necklace shape is very nice. I love it really.

  7. That necklace is amazing! I love each one you showed!



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