June 26, 2012
So the new website design is actually close to being finished. There's my perfectionist side that wants to really get all the details DOWN, but I suppose a lot of people won't even notice those.

So, now I am just focusing mainly on getting all my vintage inventory photographed for the new of ADORED | VINTAGE website.

So the past couple of weeks my friend and I have tried different ways of photographing vintage, so I thought I would share side by side comparisons...


The vintage 1920s flapper dress on the left side was shot with two studio lights and a light overhead (so 3 total) during the evening. The 1920s flapper dress on the right side was shot with natural light (shot during the day time). Clearly I love natural light more as I feel it adds more dimension to the product. I know there is a way to position your lights to get the same effect, but natural light just has so much more feeling. So much more emotion. And vintage clothes are very emotional for me.


Both of these dresses were shot with Natural Light during the afternoon. The one on the left was shot pulled away from the wall and the one on the right was shot right against the wall. I prefer the one shot against the wall as it creates shadows along the right side of the dress which makes the dress "pop" more.


So for all of you vintage sellers out there, hope this post was helpful! I know not everyone has access to great natural light...but IF you do, by all means always choose it over Studio Lights. But then again, I'm being biased as I really prefer natural light photography over studio light photography to photograph my vintage clothes. If anyone has tips/advice or recommendations I would be happy to hear them!


  1. Awesome post! I'm not a vintage seller, but I am a vintage buyer and I'm with you 100%. The clothing shot with the natural light caught my eye immediately and I also prefer the dress shot closer to the wall.

    Good photography is everything when you sell online. I rarely buy pieces that are photographed badly, you just never know what you're going to get. Plus, if the seller has not taken the time and effort to take a quality photo and take pride in their collection I wonder if they've cut corners in other ways as well: like in maintenance, storage of items, dry cleaning etc...

    Again, great post! I can't wait to see your new site!
    Butterflies and Daisys Vintage

  2. So glad you did this post. I ALWAYS shoot with natural light. There's about a six-hour time frame right now for me (weather permitting). I've tried studio lighting as well an was never satisfied with the results. I like what you said earlier via Twitter, that it is more emotional. It really is, there is just something about it, words escape me now!

  3. I agree.....LOVE natural light. GREAT post!

  4. Great post, Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is so funny to come across, because I am dealing with it so prominently right now!! I have been in a terrible funk because of my lighting, and barely able to even take photos because of it... it's like pulling teeth, doing something I know will not have pleasing results for me.

    I want use natural light only, but there is only one window in my office, which causes this large dark shadow to spread half way across the wall behind my dress form. I'm at a loss, but can't let myself feel unmotivated to not get my work done. GAH, if only I could teleport you and your mad etsy skills here to give me some advice!


  6. Thank you so much for the simple and effective comparison of lighting options! The side by side pictures speak volumes!

  7. So lucky to have found this post,just brought a vintage mannequin and I am slowly taking pictures for our etsy shop.I too love the natural day light.But here in the u.k with our weather,(i know english and the weather!)its can be quite a challenge.So this post was just the pick up I needed to keep going and perfecting.The sun has definately got his hat on today!so I am off to take more pics.Thanks for sharing yours.Zak & Lula x

  8. I also love the natural light pics better, what sort of camera do you use?


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