August 13, 2012
I feel like I lived 3 different lives this weekend. Past, Present, and Future. Do you ever have those weekends that go by so slowly and yet you feel like you've done so many things?

Saturday was so hot in my work studio that I pretty much just lazed about bemoaning the heat while sipping at a gigantic serving of peach and blueberry iced tea (with fresh mashed up fruit...mmmmmm) I snapped some photos here and there of the studio and when I got home to look at the photos it made me realize I'm due to upgrade my camera. *le sigh*

Woooororroroororfgghhh. That's me just shaking of stuff. New week! It's rare I'm glad it's Monday. Monday, bloody Monday.

But this Monday is bringing a lot of things to the table and just dealing with things one at a time and feeling good, well more hopeful about it.

The weekend was really balanced and I need more weekends like that. Spent some solo time, made lunch for a girlfriend and I, went on a date with the fella, Church fellowship on Sunday...upgraded to an iphone 4GS which isn't a big deal to most people, but I'm not really a techie person (in fact I didn't even have a cellphone until I was 23-24, haha) so to me, was kinda a big deal.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I'm in love with your studio! so beautiful. I had a nice weekend trying to beat the heat! Of course our air conditioning broke... lucky us! :)



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