July 31, 2012
This week's vintage collection is a mix of royal blues, navy, sky blues, and inky blacks. Pretty accents and details such as metal stitching, lace applique, and plenty of satin damask party dresses! SHOP HERE: Shop ADORED | VINTAGE

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vintage 1980s dress / vintage 50s style open back sundress / vintage halter dress
vintage 1930s dress / vintage 1930s inspired dress / black silk vintage dress
vintage 1950s dress / vintage 50s party dress / vintage lace detailed royal blue silk 50s dress
vintage 1940s dress / vintage 40s dress / 1940s summer cotton striped day dress
vintage 1940s shoes / vintage 40s heels / vintage shoes / vintage heels / 1940s shoes
vintage 1970s dress / vintage 70s dress / boho floral 1970s sundress
vintage 1960s dress / 1960s black dress / vintage 60s formal dress / cocktail dress
vintage brooch / vintage 1950s 1960s flower brooch / flower enamel brooch pin
vintage blouse / vintage 1950s blouse / vintage 50s top / polka dot blue blouse
vintage 1950s skirt / vintage 50s swing skirt / ethnic boho vintage 1950s circle skirt
vintage 1960s dress / 1960s vintage dress / vintage 60s cocktail dress / blue formal dress
vintage 1980s blouse / vintage peplum blouse / vintage striped 80s blouse / 80s top
vintage 1930s hat / vintage 30s hat / black velvet feather vintage hat 1930s
vintage 1970s dress / vintage boho dress / 70s hippie cotton sundress

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