September 23, 2012
This past Saturday I had spent most of my precious studio time sorting through racks of vintage clothing, organizing bins, and the general moving stuff around so I feel more "sorted". Do you ever feel like that? Like you can't POSSIBLY get any work done at all until this, this, and this is done?

It was sweltering hot in my 5th floor sun drenched LA studio and despite all the windows being open (welcoming, or rather NOT welcoming the buzz of the streets below), I was sweating profusely. A lovely image, I know.

I had been staring at a rack of vintage coats for nearly 15 minutes and I just couldn't bring myself to photograph winter coats while perspiring in 90 degree weather. So... what did I shoot instead?

Vintage hats!! During my moving things around I completely had forgotten I had two hat boxes of vintage hats. I did try them on for a bit and dance around to (dare I say...Spice Girls...) wearing these fancy little toppers. So in the shop this week will be a series of lovely vintage hats from the 1930s to the 1970s. Which vintage hat would you wear? Vintage Hats Coming Soon to the Shop Vintage Hats Coming Soon to the Shop Vintage Hats Coming Soon to the Shop Vintage Hats Coming Soon to the Shop


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  2. Definitely the cloche with the flowers embroidered onto it! That one is beautiful!

    I'm sorry it was so hot for you. Hopefully it will cool down and you can shoot the coats. Can't wait to see them!

  3. so nice caps . i love both of them . . lovely blog .
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  4. Cute hats! I love the pink and floral ones. But my head is so huge, and I have such thick hair, most vintage hats don't fit me

  5. I'm torn between the wide brimmed hat with striped details on the bottom left and the floral pink headpiece in the second photo on the left!

  6. THESE ARE ADORABLE!!! They're more unique than the ones I find around my area, and look like they're in such good condition! Fabulous!

  7. WOWOWOW!!! Love them all, but especially that cloche!


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