October 8, 2012
Last week was crazy busy. I'm still trying to get into a good schedule for photographing and listing vintage, my rhythm is a bit off, but with a bit more practice, I'll get it down.

Tomorrow I'll be listing all of these lovely shades of blues and peppermint greens in the vintage shop! There's a little dress to wear for every season of the year... so hence the name "Seasonal Blues"

Vintage Clothing Shop Sneak Peek

I will be listing products throughout the week, so be sure to follow ADOREDVINTAGE on Facebook for the first sneak peeks!


  1. Love that hawaiian print little dress!

  2. I love all those dresses and most especially the first dress one very colorful and I really like the shapes of that. I am hoping that I will collect just like that dress someday. Thanks for sharing this!

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