November 20, 2012
Vintage Photo of the Day: 1940s Couple in the Berkshires

I adore this vintage photo from the 1940s. I'm not really sure why. I just do. Maybe it's their casual sportswear, perhaps it's the clouds in the sky, or the shadows nearly on top of them meaning it's probably about noon when this photo was taken. This vintage photo is of a couple in The Berkshires which after seeing photos I really want to go visit! (Ahh I miss New England so much sometimes)

source: Couple in the Berkshires


  1. This photo is gorgeous. They look so sporty!

  2. I love her little jumper! Super cute!

  3. i love love love found photos! why are we so obsessed with other people's (old) family photos? voyeurism vs historical document?

  4. 1940's couple is really rocks.. Amazing pic, A matching belt and shoe ALWAYS makes a person look more put together so I guess that's one of my better outfit shortcuts!! you can visit .
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