November 27, 2012
Ahh this past week was so wonderful. The fella and I went to Portland to visit his family and we got to do a little bit of time traveling through his elementary, middle, and high school years. Lots of friends met, lots of food eaten, and lots and lots of vintage found for the shop!

So lots of news for the shop... and lots of events going on for the month of December!

This Saturday, December 1st, Adored Vintage again will be popping up and be open to the public at the Cooper Design Space in downtown Los Angeles. I'm quite excited about this show mostly because I finally can accept credit cards at the shows and my pretty Victorian inspired postcards I designed will arrive just in the nick of time (well I HOPE so anyway!)

Everything in the shop is on sale until Friday! You can save 20% - 40% OFF vintage dresses, vintage wedding gowns, vintage jewelry, and lots more! Vintage Dresses on Sale

3.] TRUNK SHOW with MYRTLE in Echo Park
Details to be added later, but I'll be doing my first ever TRUNK SHOW (ahhh so nervous and excited!) at MYRTLE boutique in Echo Park.


A few other things I'm working on are having ADORED VINTAGE carried in local boutiques here in Los Angeles. It's definitely a brand new venture for me and the growth of we shall see. I am going to be praying to God for the best to happen.

I'm also going to be praying for a new workspace for AV and a new living situation for myself. I want to move outside of crazy downtown LA and my current neighborhood. The streets are so congested. Last night it took me 45 minutes to drive 5.4 miles. I've been complaining and moaning about it long enough, time to actually start the search! Ideally I would like to rent a house, someplace outside LA (unless by some miracle an adorable home in Silver Lake becomes available and is within my budget!)... I'm not sure where I want to move to yet. I'll just see what doors open up!

Maybe something will come within the next few weeks, maybe it will be a couple of months. I am going to have faith that the right place will come at the right time.

In other vintage news I've recently acquired nearly 100 new vintage for the shop and nearly half of it is 50s and earlier. I am SO EXCITED to be photographing them and updating the shop!

I'm also working on a new side project with the fella. A Men's Vintage Shop. I'll keep mum on that for awhile until things really start to look more final.

And one last bit of news that I am also so grateful for and feeling very blessed. My dear friend Ashley has recently connected me to her boss (who is fashion industry royalty) and I have been commissioned to design and develop her website. AHhh!!!

So, yes, lots of news. I'm incredibly busy and incredibly happy.


  1. Wow, congratulations on pretty much everything! That is a lot of good news!

  2. looking forward to seeing what you and the fella cook up! your pieces are wonderful--good luck this holiday season! and good luck finding a perfect new space for yourself :)

  3. This is some great vintage clothing you guys have posted in these pictures. Where can I get some clothes like that if I live in Texas?

  4. Wow, sounds great.
    Welcome December! Let's shop!


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